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Golden Fantasia X -- Jessica Ushiromiya Screenshots

2011-07-05 - Xbox 360 fighter set for October 6. Check out the latest screens.  Read More »

Golden Fantasia X Screenshots

2011-06-28 - Umineko's Eva-Beatrice joins Alchemist's crossover fighter.  Read More »

Golden Fantasia X Screenshots

2011-06-21 - Our latest look at Alchemist's Xbox 360 fighter shows the Lucifer character.  Read More »

Ougon Musoukyoku X Screenshots

2011-04-28 - Alchemist brings the 2D doujin fighter home to Xbox 360.  Read More »

2D Umineko Fighting Game Coming to Xbox 360

2011-04-21 - Alchemist porting over 07th Expansions PC fighting game Golden Fantasia to the 360 with new characters.  Read More »

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