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Sonic Generations Shiro no Jikuu


Sonic Generations -- PS3 and Xbox 360 Screenshots

2011-10-26 - Shadow the Hedgehog, along with screens of Speed Highway Zone.  Read More »

Sonic Generations PS3 and Xbox 360 Screenshots

2011-10-05 - Orange Roofs and Seaside Hill in Classic and Modern Styles.  Read More »

Sonic Generations PS3/360 Screenshots

2011-07-29 - Metal Sonic and Chemical Plant Zone in modern and classic styles  Read More »

Sonic 20th Anniversary iPhone App Coming This Week

2011-06-21 - Sega announces latest developments at big Odaiba anniversary bash.  Read More »

New Sonic Generations Names Official

2011-06-02 - Sega adds 3DS version to official site. Screenshots "coming soon."  Read More »

Sonic Generations 3DS Appears in Famitsu's release calendar

2011-06-01 - Portable version has different name from PS360 version, due for release this Winter.  Read More »

Sega Celebrates 20 Years of Sonic at Joyopolis

2011-05-27 - Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima to appear at birthday party.  Read More »

Sonic Generations Listed for 3DS

2011-05-17 - Sega earnings statement lists 3DS as additional platform for PS3 and Xbox 360 title.  Read More »

Sonic Generations Screenshots

2011-04-28 - Sega mixes old and new for its Sonic anniversary. These screens show Green Hill Zone in modern and classic styles.  Read More »

Sonic Generations Officially Announced For Japan

2011-04-21 - PS3 and Xbox 360 anniversary title being released for Japanese players this Winter.  Read More »

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