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Senritsu no Stratus Gameplay Videos

2011-09-09 - Konami's fusion of side scrolling and mech action looks too good to be a PSP game.  Read More »

Mark the Date: Kojima Productions' Tokyo Game Show Stage

2011-09-07 - Konami shares its stage lineup, which will be broadcast live over Ustream.  Read More »

2011-07-11  -  5 images added, Open image gallery

2011-04-28  -  7 images added, Open image gallery

Infinite Space Developer Working on PSP Action Adventure for Konami

2011-04-27 - Nude Maker and Konami unveil Senritsu no Stratos in this week's Famitsu.  Read More »

Terror of the Stratus
Senritsu no Stratus
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