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Fortune Street Wii Screenshots

2011-11-17 - Latest screens from Square Enix's board game show the local and internet multiplayer component.  Read More »

Fortune Street/Itadaki Street Wii Screenshots

2011-10-06 - Latest maps from Dragon Quest IX and Super Mario Galaxy. Plus, the latest Mii outfits.  Read More »

Square Enix Dates New Dragon Quest Games

2011-09-05 - Rocket Slime and Itadaki Street arrive later this year.  Read More »

Fortune Street Screenshots

2011-08-04 - Use your Mii in the Wii version of the Itadaki Street board game series.  Read More »

Fortune Street Screenshots

2011-07-21 - Yoshi, Toad, Bowser and other characters shown in these latest shots of the Wii board game.  Read More »

Itadaki Street Wii Screenshots

2011-06-16 - Following last week's debut in America as Fortune Street, Square Enix shares Japanese screens of its new digital board game that features Dragon Quest and Mario.  Read More »

Itadaki Street Wii/Fortune Street Screenshots

2011-06-08 - Square Enix brings the board game to Wii with Dragon Quest and Mario characters and full online play.  Read More »

Itadaki Street Coming to Wii in 2011

2011-06-08 - Characters from Super Mario Bros. and Dragon Quest to join your Miis in board game adaptation.  Read More »

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