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One Piece Pirate Musou

The popular One Piece manga and anime meets the Dynasty Warriors series.


Slow Start for Level-5's Girls RPG

2012-03-16 - One Piece closing on Final Fantasy XIII-2; 3DS Hatsune Miku off to slower start compared to PSP titles.  Read More »

Over 90% Sell Through for One Piece Pirate Musou

2012-03-09 - Top selling One Piece game ever, and maybe the fastest selling Musou game too.  Read More »

One Piece Musou Has 500,000 Orders

2012-02-14 - Gold PS3 system has first-ever manufacturing process.  Read More »

One Piece Pirate Musou Screenshots

2012-02-14 - Namco Bandai's pairing of One Piece and Dynasty Warriors hits on March 1.  Read More »

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