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The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers


Team Prinny's PS3 RPG Delayed

2012-03-14 - Witch and the Hundred Soldiers won't make it out for June.  Read More »

Nippon Ichi CEO Hints at Big Things to Come

2011-11-21 - We may get a look at a big Nippon Ichi title before the end of the year.  Read More »

The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers Screenshots

2011-10-06 - Nippon Ichi and team Prinny deliver an all new action RPG for PS3.  Read More »

This is Nippon Ichi's New Witch

2011-09-27 - New PS3 title was actually revealed about a month ago.  Read More »

More on Nippon Ichi's New PS3 RPG

2011-09-27 - Dark fantasy action RPG set in an open, seamless world with lots of blood.  Read More »

Nippon Ichi Hints at Four New Games

2011-08-09 - New titles from the Disgaea, Prinny and Classic Dungeon teams.  Read More »

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