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Mugen Souls: You Select the Collaborative Download Content!

2012-03-08 - Characters from Agarest Senki, Neptune and other Compile Heart games to appear in PS3 title.  Read More »

Mugen Souls Bath Scene Trailer

2012-02-24 - Combine soap and shampoo for improved battle performance.  Read More »

2012-02-18  -  1 image added, Open image gallery

Mugen Souls -- First Trailer

2011-10-27 - Presented by, and featuring, New Keiji Inafune.  Read More »

2011-10-27  -  8 images added, Open image gallery

2011-10-14  -  8 images added, Open image gallery

New Keiji Inafune Is Not Keiji Inafune

2011-10-11 - New details on Compile Hearts' new PS3 RPG, which is not actually being produced by Keiji Inafune.  Read More »

Has Keiji Inafune Become Idea Factory's Chief Producer?

2011-10-06 - Mysterious video hints at more unexpected collaborations for former Capcom development head.  Read More »

Atouteki Yuugi Mugen Souls
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