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Conception: Please Give Birth to My Child!!


Conception is Now a Comic

2012-03-23 - In case you want to find out why you have to make RPG babies with all these ladies.  Read More »

Conception Battle Screens

2012-03-12 - Just how do you go about controlling a party of 13 characters?  Read More »

Conception Battle System Detailed

2012-03-02 - Fight with -- and for! -- your illegitimate star babies.  Read More »

Conception Battle Trailer

2012-02-20 - You and your many illegitimate children face off against invaders in random dungeons.  Read More »

Conception Date Announced

2012-02-01 - Woo girls, birth star children, explore dungeons, save the world.  Read More »

Facts About Conception

2011-10-26 - Save the world by birthin' stock RPG characters with a dozen girls. Oh, and your cousin is pregnant.  Read More »

Spike's New Game is Conception: Please Have My Baby

2011-10-26 - A school based RPG where you save the world and experience love with a dozen or so girls.  Read More »

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