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More Future Talk From Japan's Big Producers

2012-08-08 - Team Persona focused on next numbered game, Team Kagura's boob guy wants to use Wii U's special functionality. And so forth.  Read More »

Select Your Own Ending in Atelier Ayesha

2012-06-26 - Plus, names and details for the recent sub character reveals.  Read More »

Atelier Ayesha Scores Big with Dengeki

2012-06-26 - Plus, meet the latest sub characters as the new Atelier game approaches release.  Read More »

Atelier Ayesha: World Exploration Video

2012-06-11 - Plus, Ayesha on the difference between cooking and sword play.  Read More »

Atelier Ayesha Bonus Tapestry Artwork

2012-05-31 - A look at the sweet bonus from the Famitsu DX pack.  Read More »

Atelier Ayesha: Event Video

2012-05-26 - Not really a "play" movie, but our best look yet at the new PS3 Atelier game.  Read More »

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