Sayuri Sugiwara to Perform Final Fantasy XIII Theme Song

The new version of the game that was on display today at the event was so much better than the demo.

Everything has improved, from the visuals to the combat.

I was worried after the original demo, but I'm not anymore.

2009-09-09 03:47

Now Featuring: User Accounts and Database Pages

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I think this is the first time there's actually been a "conversation" in the comments section of the site. I need to add a "reply" button.

The gallery link to articles used to be there. I'm not sure when or why it stopped working.

The link shows up in the other direction -- you'll see a link to the gallery at the bottom of the article.

Regarding the Google site search thing, I haven't played around with it too much. I'm not sure what can be done with the tools they provide, but I'm pretty sure I can clean up the results through a few tricks. They also have a more advanced product available, but I'd have to pay $500.

As for the spaces in user names, I had no idea what type of requirements to set for usernames, so I went with what others seemed to use: letters, numbers, and underscore. I will be giving you the ability to put in first and last name and other personal information shortly, and I can probably set it so that you can choose to use either your real name or the username for posting messages.

Thanks again for the comments! Back to writing about Final Fantasy XIII!

2009-09-09 03:45

Now Featuring: User Accounts and Database Pages

Welcome, jonnyram.

Would you like administrative powers?

I gave Reno administrative powers.

2009-09-08 15:29

Get Your Fresh Wii Dates

360 sales might be under 1,000 for last week because of the upcoming price drop, so I may be able to make fun of the system.

2009-09-08 15:26

Get Your Fresh Wii Dates

You're the most biased bias who ever biased, Reno.

2009-09-08 10:52

Check Out These DQIX Hotties

Is she, by chance, one of your former students?

Anyhow, I stand by my statement that Kimijima is the cute one.

2009-09-07 15:44

Assassin's Creed II Leads Ubisoft Tokyo Game Show Lineup

I'm not sure if yellow would suit me, so I'm all for the Assassin's Creed shirt. Maybe Jade Raymond will see me wearing it and fall in love with me because I'm wearing the shirt for one of her games.

2009-09-05 14:31

Iwata Asks About Pokemon

Got my nines and eights mixed up! It's been fixed... thanks for the correction!

2009-09-05 14:27

Winning Eleven 2009 gets download patch

I think this is just an automatic update. I don't have the game, so perhaps you should check the official site for your region.

2009-09-04 18:23

Konami Publishing Ninety-Nine Nights 2

Not a clue here.

I'm not even sure if Konami's role with the game was actually announced at the press conference, as in specifically highlighted, or if it was just mentioned in passing.

Maybe if MS had actually invited the English speaking press...

2009-09-04 03:03

Final Fantasy XI All-in-one Disc Set for Release

"It says "IXI" in the first sentence."

Ha ha ha... you can probably tell XIV was on my mind too.


2009-08-31 19:53

The Lifes of Fantasy Life

I hope it has strong story elements, though. I tend to get bored with totally open-ended games.

2009-08-30 23:27

Sega Planning Bayonetta Demo

I didn't put this in the main text because I wasn't sure how to translate it properly, but in the Q&A transcript at Famitsu, Kamiya says that he wants to put "small play" in the demo. Perhaps there'll be a bunch of small combat sequences with a score attack or time attack trial.

2009-08-30 15:35

Sega's Phantasy Star Portable 2 Theme Song Will Make Your Ears Bleed

Upon rehearing the PSU theme, lech, I agree.

Although there is something catchy about it at the end.

2009-08-29 03:16

Level-5 Teams With Brownie Brown For Something That's Not an RPG

It makes me think Mother 3 crossed with Animal Crossing, but with a more robust online system.

I'm glad Level-5 is at least giving us the option of "meeting strangers" online.

2009-08-28 10:03

These Are Your Winning Yakuza Girls

That Noa chick does it for me.

Here are some links to coverage of the final selection process. Most of the girls look somewhat different in the flesh it seems:

2009-08-28 10:00

anoop's Page at

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