Hideo Kojima Reflects on the Olympics and Metal Gear Solid

I'm an American and I don't give a shit about the Olympics.

2012-07-29 00:39

PS3 Remaster Video Shows Yakuza HD, ZOE HD, Okami HD and Ratchet HD

Looks like Sony removed the clip.

It was on the official Playstationjp YouTube channel.

2012-07-27 03:45

New Tokitowa Video Coming Today or Tomorrow

The video will be released Friday morning.

2012-07-27 00:28

PlayStation 2 Archives Adds Smoothing and Upconverting

It's a general feature for all PS2 Archive game releases. The first such releases are due on the 25th (later today).

2012-07-25 01:23

Square Enix CEO Denies Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelation Reports

I think Kotaku's article was meant to be bait to get some sort of comment about the game. And it worked... now we know it has impressive cities!

2012-07-24 14:32

3DS Gets Free Dragon Quest X App

Oops... got my passes mixed up!

2012-07-22 09:27

I Seriously Made an Angel Opening Movie and Developer Commentary

Ooops... didn't notice that the image had buttal nudity.

I'll change it to something else. Sorry!

2012-07-22 00:13

Tokitowa's First Gameplay Video

The running and battle animations look too choppy.

Hopefully it controls smoothly...

2012-07-20 13:53

New Tokitowa Screens and Artwork

I'm predicting that we'll see that video they've been working on this week.

2012-07-19 04:35

Famitsu Recaps PlayStation Vita's First Half Year


The sales are from Enterbrain, which just includes retail.

2012-07-18 13:44

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