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Nine game companies take part in Akihabara support campaign

2008-08-11 - Stickers being distributed to help promote Tokyo's electronics capital  Read More »

Akkina to appear in Yattaman DS 2

2008-08-11 - Metal Gear Solid 4 poster girl to get Yattamaned for latest role.  Read More »

Macross Frontier song list revealed

2008-08-11 - Lots of vocal tracks join special Macross 7 song system in new PSP adaptation  Read More »

Taito details Space Invaders pricing

2008-08-11 - Downloads on the way immediately following release of latest WiiWare title.  Read More »

Capcom holds Monster Hunter Summer Course '08

2008-08-11 - Strict instruction provided for players trying to get into blockbuster series.  Read More »

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