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PS3 game in rare sighting at top of sales charts

2008-11-18 - The MD gives his hit analysis, and Way of the Samurai 3 is diagnosed a hit.  Read More »

Hori opens pre-orders for Real Arcade Pro.3 SA

2008-11-18 - PS3 stick revision uses Sanwa Denshi parts for buttons.  Read More »

Koei and Tecmo share further details on merger plans

2008-11-18 - Corporate structure and Tomonobu Itagaki discussed at press conference.  Read More »

Furyu's first two games detailed

2008-11-18 - You'd better have your stuff together for Raymond Chandler.  Read More »

Koei, Tecmo formalize merger plans

2008-11-18 - Koei Tecmo Holdings to go live in April 2009.  Read More »

Best country ever!

2008-11-18 - It should be called 428 Reasons Why I Love Aya Kamiki.  Read More »

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