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Namco announces arcade Swine Flu policy

2009-05-21 - In other breaking news, Anoop seriously considers not going to Starbucks!  Read More »

Shining Force Feather gets a Soundtrack

2009-05-20 - Two discs with 49 tracks for those who like their music shiny.  Read More »

Grandia girl attends the Grandia Online press conference

2009-05-20 - Is this the end of GungHo's grand adventure with voyeurism?  Read More »

Katamari Damacy Online Resurfaces

2009-05-20 - Details emerge on WindySoft's online conversion of the Namco Bandai hit.  Read More »

China Clones Monster Hunter

2009-05-20 - Is this the end for Monster Hunter Frontier Online?  Read More »

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