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Kingdom Hearts Coded: Episode 1 Detailed

2009-06-06 - The background story for the first volume in this mobile-only entry in the Kingdom Hearts series.  Read More »

Sony Shares World Hobby Fair Plans

2009-06-06 - Toro to Mori Mori, My Summer Vacation 4 go playable alongside Ratchet 2.  Read More »

PSP go apparently not too friendly with PSP's biggest game

2009-06-06 - Japanese sites seem to agree that Monster Hunter players should stick with the PSP-3000.  Read More »

Falcom Makes Its Music Free

2009-06-06 - Publisher of Ys and Legend of Heroes unveils liberal fair use policy.  Read More »

A few changes to the site

2009-06-06 - The death of articles, tags for blog posts, and a new front page.  Read More »

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