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One More Dream Club Touch Event

2009-06-09 - If only you could move the cursor into the screen...  Read More »

Gears of War 2 to be Bundled With Bonus Maps

2009-06-09 - Download content available for free for Japanese players, making up for lengthy localization time.  Read More »

Nintendo Unveils Nintendo DS Classroom

2009-06-09 - Major educational push for the portable through partnership with Sharp.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII Screens at Famitsu.com

2009-06-09 - It's like early flying get, with mostly information we already know.  Read More »

Star Ocean Blue Sphere Looks Just Slightly Better Now

2009-06-09 - How does the mobile remake compare to the Game Boy Color original? Find out here.  Read More »

Idol Master SP Download Content Round 5 Revealed

2009-06-09 - Manga artist Takuya Fujima designs a costume. Furu Furu Future makes a return.  Read More »

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