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Capcom Talks MT Framework 2.0

2009-06-14 - Find out how the company's award-winning multiplatform engine is evolving.  Read More »

So Who's Gonna Pre-order an Xbox 360 Twin Sticks?

2009-06-14 - Microsoft has the balls to ask during a live broadcast and right in front of the producer.  Read More »

Famitsu PS3 Goes Seasonal

2009-06-13 - Monthly magazine switching to new schedule for undisclosed reasons.  Read More »

First Look: Xbox 360 Twin Sticks

2009-06-13 - Sega shares final release details on the Xbox 360 Virtual On players' dream peripheral.  Read More »

Virtual On Night @ Nico Nico Video

2009-06-13 - The creator of Virtual On shows up for some online play. Twin Sticks details to follow.  Read More »

King of Fighters XII: The Pamphlet

2009-06-13 - This is how SNK Playmore is pimping its 2D fighting rebirth.  Read More »

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