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Check Out andriasang.com On Twitter

2009-06-19 - Do it, or your "ass" could end up being transformed into some form of "grass."  Read More »

Sega Developing Dual Screen Arcade Game

2009-06-19 - Successor to Oshare Majo features dual touch screen with force feedback.  Read More »

Arc Supports DSi Ware

2009-06-19 - Guilty Gear maker delivering new puzzle game to Nintendo's download service.  Read More »

The Big DoDonPachi Controversy

2009-06-19 - 5pb admits source code copied for troubled 360 shooter.  Read More »

Sega Seeks Host Club Stories for Yakuza Sequel

2009-06-19 - Real or make believe, you could contribute to the next Ryu ga Gotoku!  Read More »

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