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Date Set for Idol Master Dearly Stars

2009-07-01 - DS entry apparently more "adult" than PSP entry. Plus, DSi-exclusive features!  Read More »

Capcom's Mystery Game Could be Onimusha

2009-07-01 - Japanese sites find some connections between teaser site and MIA PlayStation 2 franchise.  Read More »

Twin Sticks EX Set for Production

2009-06-30 - Dream peripheral officially on the way. Major title update hits tomorrow.  Read More »

Tekken 6's Clamp Costume Up Close

2009-06-30 - A look at the surprise bonus costume on the battle field.  Read More »

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a Dark Lord Impressions

2009-06-30 - Videos and hands-on gameplay impressions of Square Enix's latest WiiWare title.  Read More »

New End of Eternity Trailer

2009-06-30 - Get your first look at Reanbell in action!  Read More »

FFCC My Life as a Dark Lord DLC Detailed

2009-06-30 - Square Enix gets players started with new costumes, monsters and items.  Read More »

New Ookami Kakushi Characters

2009-06-30 - The cast continues to grow for Konami's new PSP mystery adventure game.  Read More »

Hudson Teams with Doki Doki Camp for Miami Crisis

2009-06-30 - Crime adventure game makes the reverse trip to Japan in August.  Read More »

Namco Brings Pre-paid Namcoins to Arcades

2009-06-30 - Forget pre-paid cards! The arcade experience, without the heavy wallet, through pre-paid coins!  Read More »

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