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Card Hero Set for DSi Ware

2009-07-24 - Nintendo and third parties offer a DSi flood next week.  Read More »

Sega Unveils Pole's Big Adventure "Sequel."

2009-07-24 - Countdown site ends in total disappointmenton. Hey, check out this cute high school idol.  Read More »

Magnacarta 2 Demo Hits on Sunday

2009-07-24 - Sample the 360's big summer RPG a couple of weeks in advance.  Read More »

Feel Bayonetta Ahead of its Release

2009-07-24 - Sega and Platinum invite players to Roppongi for an early demo event.  Read More »

Sega Formally Announces Yakuza 4

2009-07-24 - The full name and first character and voice actor information.  Read More »

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