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Dragon Quest IV's Clift Appears in DQIX

2009-10-02 - Two new quests and a special guest character in this week's DLC update.  Read More »

Namco Bandai Planning DSiWare Tales Mini Game

2009-10-02 - Latest on Tales of Graces, including a DS mini game, the item synthesis system, and a new character.  Read More »

Check Out the Tales of Vesperia Movie Costumes

2009-10-02 - PS3-only download content available ahead of movie release.  Read More »

Fumito Ueda Shares More on Last Guardian

2009-10-02 - The main character's name? Were you actually expecting him to tell you the main character's name?  Read More »

Watch Toshihiro Nagoshi Get Mobbed by Yakuza Hostesses

2009-10-02 - Sega debuts the hottest additions to the Yakuza world at TGS. Famitsu uploads a video of it all.  Read More »

Friend Collection Tops Charts

2009-10-02 - PSP, Wii sales fall following price drop announcements.  Read More »

MoRe on NieR

2009-10-02 - Producer Yosuke Saito talks Replicant and Gestalt differences, themes of love, embarrassed art directors, and demos.  Read More »

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