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From Answers Your 3D Dot Game Heroes Questions

2009-10-04 - Is there voice? Will there be an Xbox 360 version? Do the blocks have real physics?  Read More »

BlazBlue Sequel Detailed

2009-10-03 - New characters, stages, and systems for 2D HD followup.  Read More »

Zenimax Readies Fallout 3 Content for Japan

2009-10-03 - PS3 owners get download contents pack and Game of the Year Edition.  Read More »

So what ever happened to that Nintendo Kyoto event?

2009-10-03 - People wait 60 to 120 minutes to play games that are already out.  Read More »

I Love SQ(uare Enix)

2009-10-03 - Upcoming Square Enix soundtrack offers new arrangements for classics.  Read More »

2channel Founder Hosts Halo 3: ODST Night

2009-10-03 - Face off against Hiroyuki and top Halo players in next week's Xbox Live Park.  Read More »

PS3 Tops the Monthly Sales Charts For the First Time Ever

2009-10-03 - DSi pushed into second place following slimline revision and lower price.  Read More »

Japanese Site Reports on UMD Transfer Issue

2009-10-03 - Feature is no go due to copyright issues, says Mainichi.jp  Read More »

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