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Square Enix Wastes Another Game on Cell Phones

2009-10-10 - Turn off your speakers, for the music of Guin Saga will melt your heart.  Read More »

Microsoft Pushes Forza 3

2009-10-09 - Bonus car packs and a chance to try racing on a three screen setup.  Read More »

Left 4 Dead 2 Sees Simultaneous Release

2009-10-09 - Electronic Arts keeping the content unchanged for Japanese version.  Read More »

Sony Shares White Knight Chronicles 2 Screens and Details

2009-10-09 - Screens show avatar transformations, new knight, and six member parties.  Read More »

Is Platinum Games distancing itself from PS3 Bayonetta?

2009-10-09 - Joining the curious message that pops up before the PS3 demo is a new addition to Famitsu's game data boxes.  Read More »

Sample the Final Fantasy Gaiden Soundtrack

2009-10-09 - Retro sounds that will surely bring a smile to old school RPG gamers.  Read More »

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