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Koei Unveils Fist of the North Star Musou

2009-10-14 - Nana Tanimura to perform theme song for latest Dynasty Warriors offshoot.  Read More »

Square Enix Shares Dragon Quest Stats

2009-10-14 - Which job beats out all others in Square Enix's multi, multi, mult, multi platinum RPG?  Read More »

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Board Game Detailed

2009-10-14 - Build up your characters by working through Command Board.  Read More »

Two More For Games on Demand

2009-10-14 - Tengai Makyo and Ridge Racer hitting Xbox 360 download service later this month.  Read More »

Additional Characters for KOF Sky Stage

2009-10-14 - SNK Playmore's unlikely pairing of King of Fighters and vertical shooters has some secrets left.  Read More »

Tecmo Koei Press Conference Live Blog

2009-10-14 - Announcements that have already been announced will be announced... again. They've gotta start putting these things on Mondays.  Read More »

Gradius ReBirth Updated

2009-10-14 - Free update adds BGM and makes score adjustments.  Read More »

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