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Survey Reveals Japan's Deep Rooted Hatred of Slime

2009-10-16 - Metallic Slime gets mass killed by Dragon Quest IX players.  Read More »

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Demo Detailed

2009-10-15 - Sega offering plenty of content to keep players busy until release.  Read More »

Nintendo Formally Announces Pokepark Wii

2009-10-15 - Get your first look at Wii's new Pokemon adventure game.  Read More »

What's Final Fantasy Father Hironobu Sakaguchi Doing in my Kingdom Hearts?

2009-10-15 - Square Enix appears to be paying homage to the man behind their biggest series.  Read More »

Fist of the North Star Musou Sends Tecmo Koei Stock Soaring

2009-10-15 - CEO expects a million sales in Japan. Overseas release planned as well.  Read More »

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