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CSI Kojima Productions would look like this

2009-10-23 - More from the Kojima Productions blog. Plus, guess the mystery character!  Read More »

First Look: Tales of Graces Curry

2009-10-23 - Namco Bandai teams up with House for latest video game inspired food product.  Read More »

Famitsu Investigates Price Drop Effect

2009-10-23 - Which system got the most bang for the lowered buck?  Read More »

New Quests and Cameos For Dragon Quest IX

2009-10-22 - Team up for four million kills. But be sure to grab some items from DQV's Flora first!  Read More »

Nintendo Kicks off Helper Master Program

2009-10-22 - Gain access to every Virtual Console Famicom, Super Famicom, and Nintendo 64 title through Nintendo's new campaign.  Read More »

Latest Beatmania Hits Arcades

2009-10-22 - Try out new Charge Notes and Back Spin Crunch gameplay in rhythm sequel.  Read More »

This DS Game Has Sex Appeal

2009-10-22 - Alpha Unit makes an appealing case for its new DS game.  Read More »

Spelunker Earns his Keep in 3D Dot Game Heroes

2009-10-22 - Watch the game's PR character do his thing. Plus, a peak at the back of the box.  Read More »

Date Set for Tatsunoko VS Capcom

2009-10-22 - Your dream match of Frank West versus Tekkaman Blade in early 2010.  Read More »

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