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Gran Turismo Hits Akihabara

2009-11-02 - Sony offers top racers a chance to get their names in the Gran Turismo 5 credits.  Read More »

Check out Pikachu's Happy Box Art

2009-11-02 - Pokemon Co. may be bad at sharing new details on their games, but they've got a knack for cute box art!  Read More »

PlayStation 3 RPG Flood Official

2009-11-02 - Nippon Ichi makes early 2010 very crowded for PS3 RPG players.  Read More »

Enterbrain Shares PSP go First Day Sales

2009-11-02 - How many units of the download-only portable did Sony shift on day one?  Read More »

These Are Capcom's Million Sellers

2009-11-02 - Bet Resident Evil 5 could dethrone Street Fighter II if Capcom were to release a Wii version.  Read More »

Iwata Mentions Next Gen Hardware

2009-11-02 - Nintendo CEO hints at HD visuals and promises overseas support for Dragon Quest IX.  Read More »

These Were the Top Games of October

2009-11-02 - Pokemon edges out Wii Fit Plus to top the charts for the second month in a row.  Read More »

Wii Final Fantasy Gets Big Advertising

2009-11-02 - XIII? Nope! Square Enix pushes Crystal Bearers in central Tokyo.  Read More »

Celebrate PSP go's release with PSP release dates

2009-11-02 - How many downloadable games hit opposite Sony's new download-only hardware?  Read More »

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