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Yakuza 4: What is Rio's Mystery Job?

2009-11-07 - Pretend hostess Noa Mizutani descends into the basement where real adult entertainment star Rio is doing something.  Read More »

Nintendo Readying New DSi Ware Puzzler

2009-11-07 - From Intelligent Systems, and guaranteed to wear out your touch screen.  Read More »

Voice Actor Lets Slip Wii Tales of Vesperia

2009-11-07 - Could Namco Bandai be porting the 360 and PS3 Tales game to the Wii?  Read More »

Tales of Graces Theme Song CD Detailed

2009-11-06 - English language version, and download items included. Plus, have a closer look at the Wii hardware bundle.  Read More »

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