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Square Enix Promotes Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with Silly Americans

2009-11-12 - Bet you didn't think you'd end up on Famitsu.com when you went to that midnight launch and stuck out your tongue like that.  Read More »

First Look: Keroro RPG

2009-11-12 - Promotional video surfaces for unexpected pairing of Tales and Sgt. Frog.  Read More »

Keroro RPG Detailed

2009-11-11 - Namco Bandai attempts to cram Sgt. Frog into a Tales RPG.  Read More »

Review Recap

2009-11-11 - What western game beats out Taiko Drum Master, Calling, and Monster Finder?  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII's FFXIV Bonus Item Revealed (Somewhat)

2009-11-11 - Plus, two more character classes for next year's big online event.  Read More »

Playable Final Fantasy XIII Hits Tokyo Later This Month

2009-11-11 - One more chance to sample the holiday season's biggest PS3 title ahead of release.  Read More »

Date Set for Dragon Quest VI

2009-11-11 - Kick off the new year with a classic quest. A classic Dragon Quest!  Read More »

Tales of Keroro?

2009-11-11 - The identity of Namco Bandai's new RPG appears to have leaked out in advance. A new Tales game? Not exactly...  Read More »

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