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Final Fantasy XIII Weapon System Revealed

2009-11-13 - Build up your weapons to make Lightning stronger and Snow more fashionable.  Read More »

Square Enix Announces Lufia Sequel

2009-11-13 - Revival of classic Taito Super NES RPG to be unveiled next week.  Read More »

Now Prinny is Counting Down to Something

2009-11-12 - What will happen in 1,000 hours, after all the Prinnys have spoken?  Read More »

What is Super Guide Called in Japan?

2009-11-12 - Luigi is on hand to save the day for players who can't tell their goombas from their koopa troopas.  Read More »

Keroro RPG Teaser Site Opens

2009-11-12 - Holy crap! Namco Bandai is combining Tales with Sgt. Frog!  Read More »

This Crystal Bearers Story Is a Spoiler

2009-11-12 - Don't read this story unless you want to see the final screen.  Read More »

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