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Eye of Judgment PSP Detailed

2009-11-18 - Camera-compatible card game goes portable, minus the cards and the cameras.  Read More »

Reginleiv: Pamphlet Edition

2009-11-18 - Get your first look at Nintendo's Dynamic Slash revival.  Read More »

Game & Watch Offered at Club Nintendo

2009-11-18 - Platinum members get another killer bonus item. Gold members get... a calendar.  Read More »

Date Set for PSP Comic Service

2009-11-18 - Required comic reader to be downloadable as part of version 6.20 firmware.  Read More »

Lufia II Being Remade on DS

2009-11-18 - Square Enix changes the genre and switches to 3D visuals for Lufia prequel.  Read More »

Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition Detailed

2009-11-18 - There's a whole lot more to the new version of RE5 than just an extra scenario and motion controls.  Read More »

No More Heroes Set for PS3, Xbox 360

2009-11-18 - Original Wii title getting the HD treatment in sexy cherry and sweet mango flavors.  Read More »

Ace Attorney Set for WiiWare

2009-11-18 - Capcom plans WiiWare versions of first three Gyakuten games.  Read More »

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