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Check out the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Retail Poster

2009-11-25 - Plus, when can we expect Final Fantasy XIII's Ultimania guides?  Read More »

DSi LL Tops 100,000 in First Two Days -- Enterbrain

2009-11-24 - Hardware revision selling slower than DSi, but faster than PSP go.  Read More »

Yakuza 4 Gets an Official Site

2009-11-24 - What hostess does Kazuma Kiryu dream of when he's in a hot spring?  Read More »

Cross Treasures Gets a Bonus

2009-11-24 - Pre-order to receive a special sticker. And visit Jump Festa to see the manga creator live!  Read More »

Super SFIV Blog Talks Bonus Rounds

2009-11-24 - Find out how the car and barrel stages are being revived for 2010.  Read More »

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