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Nippon Ichi Mixes Retro and New for Latest PSP Title

2009-11-26 - Classic Dungeon features blocky sprites but unique character growth system.  Read More »

Ys: Oath in Felghana Set for PSP

2009-11-26 - Falcom porting over PC remake of Ys III, with PSP-exclusive extras.  Read More »

Level-5 Gives New Layton Game Red Carpet Premiere

2009-11-25 - Voice cast joined by Layton, Luke and Akihiro Hino at Tokyo International Forum event.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII Update

2009-11-25 - Details on Gran Pulse, monster hunting, Cactuar's girlfriend, and one of the pivotal events in the FFXIII story.  Read More »

Next Next Layton Game Revealed

2009-11-25 - Level-5 promises big system changes for second part of second Layton trilogy.  Read More »

Cave Readying New Title Announcement

2009-11-25 - Latest game from Death Smiles and Mushihime Sama Futari producer  Read More »

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