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Final Fantasy XIII Devs Talk Battle System

2009-12-10 - Find out what Kitase and Toriyama have to say one week ahead of FFXIII's big release.  Read More »

Yakuza 4 Gets a Date

2009-12-09 - And you get some sweet battle screenshots to look at.  Read More »

Keroro RPG Dated

2009-12-09 - Namco Bandai shares date and movie tie-up info for Tales-like RPG.  Read More »

This is Ace Attorney WiiWare

2009-12-09 - And this is what your typical Japanese family looks like playing it.  Read More »

Konami Brings Original Rhythm Game to DS

2009-12-09 - Touch and sing. And that's really all we know at the moment.  Read More »

First look: Jupiter's Second DSiware Game

2009-12-09 - A new puzzle game from the maker of Mario Picross and Spectrobes.  Read More »

Osaka Magicon Vending Machine Being Shut Down

2009-12-09 - And you thought the used schoolgirl panty vending machines were silly.  Read More »

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