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Capcom Shares Ghost Trick Trailer

2009-12-12 - Plus, the producer hints at an end to development in the new official blog.  Read More »

Nintendo's DSiware Fighting Game

2009-12-11 - Digitize your friends into fighters and god knows what into fireballs.  Read More »

Bioshock 2 Set for March

2009-12-11 - Not simultaneous with overseas version, but still pretty close!  Read More »

BlazBlue Goes Mini on DSiWare

2009-12-11 - Chibi characters and four player play for new spin on fighting series.  Read More »

End of Eternity Demo Hits Before Christmas

2009-12-11 - Sample the new t.A.B system. Do it multiple times for new costumes and higher difficulty!  Read More »

Resident Evil 5 AE Mercenaries Reunion Mode Videos

2009-12-11 - Check out Chris and Sheva's latest costumes in the new version of Mercenaries Mode.  Read More »

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