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The Other DSi LL Names

2009-12-15 - Nintendo had a variety of ideas for DSi LL's name. Plus, a glimpse at the unreleased DS Lite LL!  Read More »

Shining Series Character Designer Working on New Project

2009-12-14 - New title could be unveiled at Comic Market later this month.  Read More »

Sega Brings End of Eternity to Jump

2009-12-14 - Company to host demo of new RPG and Phantasy Star Portable 2.  Read More »

So, There's a Final Fantasy XIII Countdown Clock

2009-12-14 - Counting down to the millisecond, straight off the Square Enix home page.  Read More »

Nintendo Celebrates Zelda Spirit Tracks Release at Moving Memo

2009-12-14 - Producer Eiji Aonuma among those creating special Zelda-related animations  Read More »

This is Sexy Sylvia

2009-12-14 - No More Hereos: Heroes' Paradise heroine sports her Very Sweet Mode attire.  Read More »

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