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Nintendo Details Upcoming Game Plan

2010-01-29 - Zelda, Mario Galaxy 2 and Vitality Sensor to appear at E3.  Read More »

Mistwalker Teams with Nintendo For The Last Story

2010-01-29 - Blue Dragon developer attempting to create new form of RPG.  Read More »

Xenoblade Teaser Site Opens

2010-01-29 - Nintendo confirms mystery game to be new name for Monado. Title being developed by Xenosaga's Tetsuya Takahashi.  Read More »

Mega Man 10 Set for March

2010-01-29 - Retro-styled multiplatform release includes super play replay feature.  Read More »

Dragon Quest VI Tops One Million

2010-01-29 - Hey look, it's a game with Dragon Quest in the title, and it's selling.  Read More »

No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise Delayed

2010-01-29 - Travis Touchdown won't be able to climb the ranks in HD until April.  Read More »

Check out Josh and Excella in Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition

2010-01-29 - Plus, the latest development secrets from director Yasuhiro Anpo. Guess who was originally supposed to die?  Read More »

New Pokemon Title Coming This Year

2010-01-29 - Diamond & Pearl followup now in development for DS.  Read More »

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