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Wii Tops Namco Bandai Sales

2010-02-02 - Ben 10 series outsells everything, but Japan still tops overall software sales.  Read More »

Namco Bandai to Cut 10% of Workforce

2010-02-02 - Company announces restructuring following loss forecast. Namco Bandai Games upper management to revert to pre-April 2009 structure.  Read More »

PS3 Gets 500 Gigabyte Hard Drive

2010-02-02 - Third party set to release first officially licensed external drive, in anticipation of upcoming DVR release.  Read More »

The Ryus You Never Saw in Street Fighter IV

2010-02-02 - The Super SFIV developers blog takes up character designs this week.  Read More »

New PSP is Sweet and Pink

2010-02-02 - Sony teams with fashion designer Jill Stuart for Spring bundle.  Read More »

Tecmo Koei Delays Major Releases

2010-02-02 - Quantum Theory and Trinity Zill O'll Zero pushed back to TBA.  Read More »


2010-02-02 - Can you catch 'em all with these famous game music composers?  Read More »

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