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Metroid Creator Talks Up Metroid: Other M

2010-02-03 - Collaborative project attempts to show the human side of Samus.  Read More »

Wii Motion Plus Exclusive Zelda Playable at E3

2010-02-03 - Producer provides a few hints about mysterious Wii sequel.  Read More »

Hideo Kojima on Peace Walker and the Future of Gaming

2010-02-03 - Metal Gear creator expects 3D televisions to become the standard and bring about changes to game direction.  Read More »

Fumito Ueda Discusses Last Guardian

2010-02-03 - Director promises new information... some time this year.  Read More »

One Year Later: Where's My Damn DoDonPachi Patch?

2010-02-03 - 5pb. runs into more technical hurdles in troubled Xbox 360 bullet hell port.  Read More »

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