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Inafune Hints at Overseas Release for Monster Hunter Frontier

2010-02-04 - Capcom exec believes Xbox 360 version could kickstart overseas success for franchise.  Read More »

Gladiator Begins Tournament Prize Keeps You Warm at Night

2010-02-04 - In this tournament, second prize is much, much better than first prize.  Read More »

Your Favorite Nippon Ichi Characters in 8bit

2010-02-04 - Classic Dungeon's character editor used to create some familiar pixel groupings. Plus, how does that darn formation system work?  Read More »

Some Mega Man 10 Goods For You?

2010-02-04 - Support your play experience with this cushion and soundtrack.  Read More »

CyberConnect2 Readying Original Title

2010-02-04 - The .hack and Naruto developer has something new on the way.  Read More »

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