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Japan Answers: Subs VS Dubs

2010-02-22 - Spike asks the controversial question and publishes the results in order to promote an upcoming localization announcement.  Read More »

Capcom Swaps Resident Evil 5 Costume Packs

2010-02-22 - Make sure you read this if you want to know when you'll get your Red Riding Hood Sheva.  Read More »

Now Enterbrain Tracks Download Sales

2010-02-22 - We'll at long last be able to see just how little online games actually sell.  Read More »

Street Fighter IV Tournament Detailed

2010-02-22 - Major Super-related announcement promised from producer Yoshinori Ono.  Read More »

Latest Estpolis Footage

2010-02-22 - See how Guy and Tia look in Square Enix's DS remake of Lufia II.  Read More »

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