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Take Two Forms Japanese Publishing Arm

2010-02-24 - Company to start off domestic operations with Grand Theft Auto expansion.  Read More »

Yakuza 4 Teams with Matsuya

2010-02-23 - Sega continues beef bowl promotion, only this time with curry!  Read More »

Sweet Resonance of Fate Custom/Premium Themes

2010-02-23 - Xbox 360 and PS3 owners alike can deck their system out in tri-Ace's latest RPG.  Read More »

Tales of Graces Recall Official

2010-02-23 - Namco Bandai comes clean on large list of bugs plaguing last year's big Wii RPG.  Read More »

Ibuki Gets the Spotlight at the Super SFIV Blog

2010-02-23 - Designers comment on areas of note for the first of three SFIII characters.  Read More »

Sega Unveils New Titles at AOU

2010-02-23 - Border Break update, new card game, and latest "Let's Go" gun shooter.  Read More »

Let's Check out Ibuki's Ultra Combos

2010-02-23 - First of three Street Fighter III characters. Oh, I get it!  Read More »

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