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Super Robot Wars Tops the Charts

2010-03-03 - Four titles, including Kenka Bancho 4, Hot Shots Tennis Portable and Shiren the Wanderer 4, fill top ten.  Read More »

Itagaki's New Studio Is Named "Valhalla"

2010-03-03 - Producer boasts of Dead or Alive superiority but fails to detail new game.  Read More »

Shinji Mikamki Talks Vanquish With Famitsu

2010-03-03 - Multiplatform PS360 shooter from Resident Evil creator has bullet time and Cold War rivalries, but no transforming dogs.  Read More »

Close Up Look at Yakuza 4's Hostess Component

2010-03-03 - Build up your own hostesses and explore their storylines.  Read More »

Mega Man 10: Mega Man's Special Weapons

2010-03-03 - So what do you get when you defeat a boss named "Sheep Man?"  Read More »

DeathSmiles Goes Budget

2010-03-03 - Microsoft details its upcoming budget and download lineups  Read More »

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