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This Was Spike's Mystery Yoge

2010-03-08 - Publisher localizing Metro 2033, with options for dubs or subs.  Read More »

Yakuza 4 Ties With Don Quixoti

2010-03-08 - In-game shop joined this year by original shochu tested by Toshihiro Nagoshi himself.  Read More »

Check Out Makoto's Combos

2010-03-08 - The last of Super Street Fighter IV's SFIII characters. Is a new character unveil on the way?  Read More »

Simple Series set for Game Archives

2010-03-08 - Four titles kick off download releases of budget title series.  Read More »

CING Files for Bankruptcy

2010-03-08 - Nintendo-frieindly developer, responsible for Hotel Dusk and Little King's Story, said to be 250 million yen in debt.  Read More »

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