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Nintendo's Kensa X Resurfaces With Google Support and New Mini Games

2010-03-11 - We'll finally get to experience the fun of predicting search hit counts.  Read More »

Pokemon Ranger Tops the Charts

2010-03-10 - Pikachu and friends beat out .hack, Nobunaga and a budget Dragon Quest IX.  Read More »

Yoshinori Ono Discusses Super SFIV's Hakan

2010-03-10 - He's a CEO out on a search for the best oil recipe. And he's much stronger than Dan.  Read More »

Atelier Rorona Returns on PS3

2010-03-10 - Gust publishes teaser ad; full unveil coming in two weeks.  Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII Shipments Top Five Million

2010-03-10 - European and North American first run shipment crosses the three million mark.  Read More »

Marvelous Pledges iPad Support

2010-03-10 - Chrono Trigger's Kenichi Nishi heading up launch title.  Read More »

Jump Mystery Title Revealed to be New Tales Game

2010-03-10 - PSP gets two Tales of Phantasia remakes to go along with the one it already has.  Read More »

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