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Adults Only For New PlayStation 3 Games Event

2010-03-25 - Sony pushes its Z and D rated titles, and promises to check ids.  Read More »

Level-5 CEO Mentions Smash Bros. in Inazuma Eleven Tweet

2010-03-25 - The Nintendo fighter has nothing to do with the Level-5 soccer RPG -- unless you're talking about the upcoming console version.  Read More »

More From Tetsuya Nomura's Ultimania Interview

2010-03-25 - Director talks about Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora, and additional projects.  Read More »

Torne Sells 60,000 In First Week -- ASCII

2010-03-25 - PlayStation 3 sees hardware boost thanks to Torne and Yakuza and will soon reach the 5 million mark.  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Gameplay: Round 3

2010-03-25 - A mixed gender team of three faces off against a boss in the latest Peace Walker gameplay clip.  Read More »

Knights VS Mercenaries at The Last Story Blog

2010-03-25 - Our first glimpse into the character settings for Nintendo and Mistwalker's Wii RPG.  Read More »

DS Asteroid Puzzle Game Coming to PSN

2010-03-25 - Earth Saver on the way to PSP at double the price but with seven times the content.  Read More »

SD Gundam Wii Port Confirmed

2010-03-25 - Namco Bandai bringing over a late GameCube title to Wii.  Read More »

All About Love Plus+

2010-03-25 - Four gigs of love, hair cuts, and real time vacations for two.  Read More »

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