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Jump Reveals New Bleach and Dragon Ball Games

2010-04-09 - Are these the mystery games the magazine was teasing in its last issue?  Read More »

What the hell happened to Mamiya's clothes?

2010-04-08 - Gamers find new Fist of the North Star Musou DLC to be a bit more revealing than expected.  Read More »

Famitsu Plays Final Fantasy XIV's Alpha Build

2010-04-08 - Magazine delivers impressions based off initial play as alpha test kicks off.  Read More »

Hideo Kojima Defends Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Product Tie-ins

2010-04-08 - Series mastermind explains why new PSP title has so many cross promotions.  Read More »

Which Peace Walker Trailers Did Hideo Kojima Make?

2010-04-08 - The Metal Gear mastermind reminds us which clips he put together himself.  Read More »

Date Set for Super Mario Galaxy 2

2010-04-08 - Nintendo schedules a near simultaneous release for anticipated sequel and opens an official site.  Read More »

Date Set for Xenoblade

2010-04-08 - Summer release for new RPG from the folks behind Xenosaga. Official site shares new world details.  Read More »

Media Create Sales Chart Updated

2010-04-08 - Etrian Odyssey III leads the way this week. Three Pro Baseball Spirits games place in the top 10.  Read More »

Dress Like Dead Rising 2 Hero Chuck Greene and Producer Keiji Inafune

2010-04-08 - Just because you get the jackets doesn't mean you'll be surrounded by hot ladies at Tokyo Game Show offsite side events.  Read More »

Now There's a Famicom Bar in Shibuya

2010-04-08 - Play games while you drink in the Tokyo hot spot.  Read More »

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker: Tactical Espionage Operation Trailer

2010-04-08 - Get a close look at what may end up being Peace Walker's primary mode of play, Mother Base.  Read More »

All About MGS Peace Walker's Mother Base System

2010-04-08 - Is this the hidden charm that Kojima and staff have been hinting at?  Read More »

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