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Media Create Sales Chart Updated

2010-05-06 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 beats out Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.  Read More »

Date Set For PSN Final Fantasy IX

2010-05-06 - Final PlayStation numbered Final Fantasy hits in a couple of weeks.  Read More »

Level-5 CEO Provides Danbol Senki and Inazuma Eleven Updates

2010-05-06 - Developer aiming for 24-like "jet coaster" story development for long lost PSP title.  Read More »

Nintendo Earnings Down From Last Year

2010-05-06 - Company blames Wii price drop and lack of major releases for falling revenues.  Read More »

Welcome to the Epic World of Xenoblade

2010-05-06 - New video shows the massive fields of Monolith's original Wii RPG.  Read More »

Final Fantasy IX Now Totally Completely Done

2010-05-06 - Release date being decided between Square Enix and Sony.  Read More »

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