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Pokemon Black & White Official Site Updated

2010-05-14 - Get your first look at the main characters and starter Pokemon.  Read More »

Take a Break With Square Enix Twitter Master Shinji Hashimoto

2010-05-14 - Square Enix pushes overseas titles and Front Mission at upcoming private event.  Read More »

Sega's Transformers Arcade Game Detailed

2010-05-14 - Two card-based arcade titles on the way. First look at the cards and cabinets here.  Read More »

Sega's Earnings Up Despite Tough Overseas Market

2010-05-14 - Mario & Sonic once again the company's top selling title for the year.  Read More »

Guess The Battle System In These Super Dimensional Game Neptune Screens

2010-05-14 - Compile Hearts gives us a first look at combat but forgets to share the details.  Read More »

White Knight Chronicles Is Not a Trilogy

2010-05-14 - The story will come to a proper closure at the end of part 2, reveals director.  Read More »

Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Frontier Player Count

2010-05-14 - Closed beta gets more players than most full retail Xbox 360 gamers.  Read More »

Hideki Kamiya's Other Jobs

2010-05-14 - He's a boss designer! He's a voice actor! No wait, he's both!  Read More »

Wii Leads Consoles in Golden Week Hardware Sales

2010-05-14 - Media Create shares stats showing year-on sales trends of systems.  Read More »

Get Your Peace Walker Polygon Counts Here

2010-05-14 - What character has seven times as many polygons as Snake?  Read More »

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