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Sony Influences PSP With New Puzzle Game

2010-05-20 - The makers of the I.Q. series release their latest mind bending puzzler this month.  Read More »

Virtual On Force Set for Xbox 360

2010-05-20 - Sega promises online and offline components for retail release of the third Virtual On game.  Read More »

What Is Baten Kaitos Director Yasuyuki Honne Up To?

2010-05-19 - Honne almost makes mention of secret project in recent interview.  Read More »

Square Enix Teasing New Game Announcement with Yahoo

2010-05-19 - Two companies promise to change Japanese history with upcoming announcement.  Read More »

PS3 DVR Kit Getting an Update

2010-05-19 - Sony adds some highly requested features for successful accessory.  Read More »

Sony Puts 3D Gran Turismo 5 on Display

2010-05-19 - Upcoming event highlights Sony contents and 3D technology.  Read More »

Pro Boxing Champ Joins Yakuza PSP Voice Cast

2010-05-19 - Sega announces an unexpected voice actor for latest Yakuza game.  Read More »

Have a Look at Xenoblade's Battle System

2010-05-19 - Arts, Visions, and the Party Gauge detailed in our first proper look at combat in Wii's upcoming RPG epic.  Read More »

This Week's Flying Get

2010-05-19 - Virtual On Force set for Xbox 360. The latest news leaks, updated throughout the day! [latest update: 13:27]  Read More »

Hey, check out Nintendo marketing Xenoblade

2010-05-19 - Nintendo shares screens and a look at the bonus soundtrack. Plus, sample the game's music in advance!  Read More »

Wada Clarifies Final Fantasy Versus XIII Xbox 360 Statement

2010-05-19 - Don't read too much into the Square Enix CEO's comments from yesterday's press conference.  Read More »

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